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Welcome to the Gena Penn brand, a luxury footwear and accessories design house.


The Gena Penn shoe brand is named after my loving mother, whose strength, imagination and support have inspired me throughout my life. She has been my best friend, biggest cheerleader and fiercest advocate for as long as I can remember. She recently endured a life-threatening illness that challenged my resolve and transformed my priorities and life perspective. Life is too short not to pursue it with passion.

As my mom continues to heal, I am honored to have more time with her and encouraged by her steadfast confidence in me. She inspired me to pursue my lifelong passion for shoes and build my own shoe line someday. Well, that day is now.

Colors and Collection

The bold, bright colors are reminiscent of my mother’s personality and style. The names of the three inaugural collections represent my family and my journey through the ups and downs of caring for our matriarch: The Promise, The Tribe and The Journey.


A classy woman who worked hard to provide the best for her children, my mother has always appreciated good quality, craftsmanship and thoughtful design. That’s why a brand carrying her name had to include the highest-quality master shoe designers and manufacturers. I found that in Le Marche, Italy. And the rest is herstory.

I hope you buy a pair for yourself, a loved one or a friend—and that they bring as much joy as I had creating them in honor of my mom.

With appreciation,
S. Penn, CEO and Chief Creative Officer
Designfully Curated and Gena Penn, LLC
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